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Cross Puzzle 


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Cross Puzzle 

Written By: Billy 



Measuring tape (1) 

Sandpaper (1) 

Table saw (1) 

(if you have one), or you could use a 

bandsaw, or the old-fashioned hand saw 


• Wood! (1) 
(Hard or Soft) 

• Your favorite stain, or danish oil, or 
boiled linseed (1) 

depending on what kind of wood you are 
using and what finish you would like to 


I first came across this puzzle a few years ago at my uncle's estate sale; apparently it was 
his father's. I'm not sure if he made it himself or just came across it but I thought it was quite 
unique. I've made them out of hardwood and softwood. They also make great gifts for the 
young and old. 

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Cross Puzzle 

As you can see from the blueprint we are working with 1x1x4 inch wood stock. If you 
would like to adjust the blueprints you can make it any size you like. You can use hard or 
soft wood, I myself had a piece of mahogany kicking around. I sawed it down to inch by 
inch stock (1"x 1"). 

• Now you can cut your inch by inch (1" x 1") to 4" lengths. You should mark the cuts that 
you'll make for each puzzle piece you'll be cutting; it's a little more accurate. 

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Cross Puzzle 


I myself used a table saw set at 1/2" inch height and I eyed up the lines to get an accurate 
cut. You can use a band saw as that will work well too. After each piece is cut you could 
clean up the cut with a file. 

• After your pieces are cut and cleaned up, sand for smoothness. 

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Cross Puzzle 

Time for paint, stain, oil or boiled linseed for your desired look. I used the Tung N Teak oil 
on this project. Of course, I put about 3 coats on and let dry in between, buffed down with 
steel wool and one more coat, let dry for 20 minutes and hand rubbed. 


• As you can see by the numbered layout, put 6 and 5 together as in the picture, then insert 
4 as shown. 

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Cross Puzzle 

Next step, add 2 as shown, then insert 3, then slide in 1 , the piece that is not cut; I call it 
the KEY. 

Hope you enjoy building your own cross puzzle as I did. It gave me many pleasurable 
years of messing with my friends' minds. 

I myself had a piece of mahogany, but you could also use oak, cherry, or soft woods like spruce, 
pine or cedar. I used Danish oil since I used hard wood for this project. 

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